2020 Character Reel

As with most kids, I was excited about drawing from a very young age. My parents were both creative, and they encouraged that in all six of my brothers and sisters. In school, I was asked on occasion to stay in from recess (a big deal for a small kid) to create artwork for bulletin boards. Early on, I tied for 1st place (with my sister) in an art contest for the Lions Club and we split the $5 prize. Wow! I was hooked, and haven’t looked back since. Those formative years, with the encouragement from family, friends and teachers, really helped direct my personal path toward Art and Animation. I’ve been fortunate to work in the Animation Industry for 3 decades and counting. I plan to continue producing great work for Features, Television and Independent projects. 


Rough Animation

First and foremost, I am a Character Animator. The works on this website represent a wide range of creative abilities. Among them: Character Animation, Layout and Posing, Storyboards, Direction and Design. I've worked as a 2D Animator for many years; and over the last decade, have become a 3D Artist and Animator as well. Projects include: Space Jam, Jimmy Neutron – Boy Genius, King of the Hill (directed the original Test Pilot), the Premiere Ren & Stimpy episode, and many others. As well as working on many great pictures over the years, it has been wonderful to work alongside some of the best talent in the world. We share a similar passion – to create compelling stories that touch the heart.


Animation Drawings