...Animating Peanuts

The Lineup

"The team is ready, Sam...all we need is the starting gun!" - Bill Melendez


I worked with Bill Melendez Productions as a free-lance animator for about 13 years. This was my first real animation job in Hollywood. I worked on more than a dozen Peanuts cartoons, and several TV Spots starring Peanuts characters, like Knott’s Berry Farm and Knudsen Yogurt. Bill was a great guy to work for, and I always made a point to stop in for a visit when I was in LA...and Bill was always more than accommodating. My experiences working with his studio, and Bill himself, were splendid! I’m very glad to know that the Peanuts will be making a new debut in the near future.



For Sam Fleming

"For Sam Fleming, in Friendship!!" - Bill Melendez